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Week 7—13
May 2018

MKW18 7—13 May

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Our world is changing – but we have the knowledge today to create the Melbourne of tomorrow. Through seven days of interactive events, workshops, dinners, and performances, Melbourne Knowledge Week will explore the exciting opportunities, tackle the urgent challenges, learn the skills to help shape the future of Melbourne and #KNOWNEXTNOW.

Our Special Picks

Hack the Zoo: Reimagining Frogs

Spend the day creatively envisioning the future and design a better way to connect the community with local threatened species. Join us in the exciting surroundings of Melbourne Zoo for this unique design hack.

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Edible History of Technology in Food

At this multi-course event, taste the history and future of food technology. Whether cooking with fire, farming and fishing, or snapping pictures of our meals, humans have always enhanced food with technology. With tech rapidly evolving, so is our palette for food that’s delicious, thoughtfully prepared, and forward thinking. Embark on an edible tour of history, sampling everything from foraged meals to genetically modified food.

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The Long Now: Planning a 10,000 Year Future for Human Knowledge

What does it mean to plan 10,000 years into the future? The Long Now Foundation in San Francisco is trying to answer this question. Working to reframe our sense of the here and now to be a bigger 'here' and a longer 'now', the Long Now provides a sense of agency and responsibility for the future of our human civilisation.

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Hear My Eyes: Baraka + live score by Dylan Martorell

Robotics can be lyrical, and music can be functional. Past and present weave together in this musical experience from the internationally renowned Dylan Martorell, whose custom-built robotics will perform an original score to Ron Fricke's visual masterpiece Baraka alongside Martorell and his band.

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Future Hospital: uCare, Immersive Theatre Experience

The future of medicine has so many exciting innovations in store. But amongst all these sensors, wearable devices and remote treatment options, what happens to personal relationships and the human act of caring? uCare is an immersive theatre experience by experience designers PlayReactive, which turns audience members into remote-control doctors and asks the question: is there room for humans in the future of medicine?

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Open Data: Is Sharing, Caring?

Wed 3 May | by Elizabeth Flux

There’s an old story about four blind men who are presented with an elephant. Each man tries to describe the animal to the others. The first, grabbing the trunk, tells the others that elephants are long and snake-like. Immediately the second man disagrees – he has hold of a leg and thinks that the animals are broad, like tree trunks. “You’re all wrong” the third man says. He is standing near the tail and so thinks elephants are thin and ropey. The fourth man, standing by an ear, laughs and explains that, actually, elephants are long and flat, like a sail. The lesson is that all four men are both correct and incorrect – they need to learn to share their findings to get the most accurate picture.

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Fake Steak: The Future Of Food Production and Sustainability

Tue 4 April | by Leeyong Soo

Melbourne is a city for foodies: one only needs to monitor Instagram on any given weekend morning to witness Melburnians’ collective worship of the latest brunch craze or lazy lunch outlet. But how are we addressing the impact our taste buds have on the planet?

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Bringing cities back to earth

Thu 13 July | by James Douglas

When people dream aloud about wanting to live in harmony with nature, it’s usually a sign that they’re headed for a sea change. Have humans fenced themselves off from the natural world, living in modern cities with that vast expanse of concrete, steel, glass and smog?

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